TMGC Picture Gallery 

Pictures from the Spring Tech Session held 19 April 09 
and hosted by Frank & Debbie Linse

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IMG_8983R.jpg (352139 bytes)

MGs line the street

IMG_8984R.jpg (358065 bytes)
MGB on trailer, before or after help?
IMG_8986R.jpg (294502 bytes)

Late Midget

IMG_8987R.jpg (339158 bytes)

Under bonnet meeting of the minds

IMG_6024.JPG (242029 bytes)

 Vince doing some fine tuning

IMG_8988R.jpg (336517 bytes)

Tad checks things out

IMG_8989R.jpg (314029 bytes)
Working on Susan & Terry's GT
IMG_8992R.jpg (241032 bytes)

Two heads are better than one

IMG_6021.JPG (267758 bytes)

Working on TD

IMG_8995R.jpg (352609 bytes)

MGA, Roy & others kicking tyres

IMG_8994R.jpg (350936 bytes)

Chow line

IMG_6029.JPG (365468 bytes)
Relaxing at lunch
IMG_6031.JPG (310377 bytes)

More relaxing

IMG_6032R.jpg (205875 bytes)

Another view