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Winery Tour 24-26 April 2009, Page 1
Pictures from Friday, 24 April

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1-IMG_8998R.jpg (191308 bytes)
Meet at Lake Wright Driving Range
2-IMG_2404R.jpg (305230 bytes)

MGs line up

3-IMG_6041.JPG (314357 bytes)

Kicking tyres

4-IMG_8996R.jpg (250355 bytes)

Hurry up Terry!

5-IMG_2402R.jpg (291480 bytes)

Everybody listen

6-IMG_9001R.jpg (244057 bytes)

Jim gives direction

7-IMG_2403R.jpg (310056 bytes)

Heading to cars

8-IMG_2406R.jpg (256595 bytes)

Stopping in Williamsburg

9-IMG_2407R.jpg (212842 bytes)

Rest of the group

10-April 09 004.jpg (354934 bytes)

MGs invade Ashland

11-IMG_6049R.jpg (198715 bytes)

Welcome to Ashland

12-April 09 008R.jpg (413229 bytes)


13-IMG_9007R.jpg (341876 bytes)

Lunch at Homemade by Suzanne

14-IMG_6058R.jpg (131150 bytes)

Jim with prime parking space

15-IMG_6057R.jpg (126664 bytes)

Greeting Beckey & Alan

16-April 09 010R.jpg (359970 bytes)

Lunch crowd

17-IMG_6051.JPG (254252 bytes)

Tom, Bernie & Nancy

18-IMG_6054.JPG (240692 bytes)

Michele & Robert

19-April 09 001R.jpg (240062 bytes)

Goody bags

20-IMG_6061.JPG (283343 bytes)

Ready to leave 

21-IMG_6065.JPG (253443 bytes)

Heading out

22-IMG_2409R.jpg (354714 bytes)

Not for long, roadside repair

23-IMG_2410R.jpg (306952 bytes)

Troubleshooting problem

DSC03902R.jpg (159238 bytes)

Installing temporary fuel pump

24-IMG_6066.JPG (260610 bytes)

Back on the road

25-IMG_6075.JPG (329503 bytes)

Petrol stop

26-April 09 016R.jpg (252312 bytes)

MGs take over gas station

27-IMG_9034R.jpg (233515 bytes)

Taking a rest break

28-IMG_2411R.jpg (249106 bytes)

Barb & Mike tow their boat!

29-IMG_2412R.jpg (218552 bytes)

Heading out again

30-IMG_9027R.jpg (190242 bytes)

On the highway

31-IMG_6079.JPG (300039 bytes)

Not for long!

DSC02463R.jpg (356406 bytes)

Another roadside repair

33-IMG_6081.JPG (197304 bytes)

Moving once again

34-IMG_6086.JPG (365053 bytes)

MGs on the backroads

35-IMG_9043R.jpg (162905 bytes)
Turning onto Rt. 6
36-April 09 021R.jpg (198947 bytes)

MGs invade town

37-April 09 024.jpg (356745 bytes)

Winding roads

38-IMG_9058R.jpg (306986 bytes)

At Lovingston Winery

39-IMG_6121.JPG (273208 bytes)

MGs fill parking lot

40-April 09 027R.jpg (244230 bytes)

Getting a tour
41-IMG_9056R.jpg (181096 bytes)
Upper deck
42-IMG_9062R.jpg (225997 bytes)
Learning the process
43-IMG_9063R.jpg (217728 bytes)

Learning the history

DSC02470R.jpg (265468 bytes)

Michele & Cynthia get another taste

44-IMG_6124.JPG (252486 bytes)

Lovingston wines

45-IMG_9064R.jpg (166307 bytes)

Winery dog

DSC02476R.jpg (309033 bytes)

Leaving the winery

46-IMG_6126R.jpg (143909 bytes)

Bicycle frame fence

DSC02479R.jpg (258314 bytes)
Alan knows a shortcut

47-April 09 035R.jpg (361277 bytes)

First of several gravel roads

48-April 09 038R.jpg (289239 bytes)

Over the bridge, almost there

49-IMG_2418R.jpg (170426 bytes)

Our destination
50-IMG_2421R.jpg (225204 bytes)
Mark Addy Inn
51-IMG_2422R.jpg (217449 bytes)

Beautiful old house

DSC03924R.jpg (192962 bytes)

View from porch

53-IMG_2417R.jpg (269862 bytes)

Alan & Beckey lead the way

54-April 09 040R.jpg (383195 bytes)

Unloading cars

55-IMG_2424R.jpg (168146 bytes)

Denise relaxing on porch

DSC03928R.jpg (209479 bytes)

 Enjoying dinner Friday night